Spending Less time on Instagram and Social Media

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Conscious use of social media

All in all, social media allows people to connect and comprar seguidores preços connect communities, despite geographical and spatial separation.

Nevertheless, the potential negative effects of use, especially in view of the progress of digitalization, must be taken seriously and a conscious use of social media is now more important than ever. For a conscious and therefore healthy use of social media, as the study #Statusofmind proved, the duration of use is essential.

4 Tips How to Spend Less Time on Social Media

Apps that show you the duration of your social media usage

Often we pull the smartphone quite intuitively or lose ourselves in the pull of scrolling and do not realize how much time we actually spend with our bright screens. For more conscious social media use, there are now various apps that show you how many hours you are on your smartphone a day.

You can also show the useful life of special apps, such as Instagram or Facebook. For example, you can set your own time limits and better control them comprar seguidores instagramLinks to an external site..

Apps that throttle or block your social media usage

For those who still have trouble keeping time limits and keep browsing their favorite channels for news: There are apps that throttle the service life or even block it completely for a certain period of time. Of course, you can set the time yourself. Ideal for times when you want to be productive in other areas of your life and social media is too much of a distraction.

But even for times when you realize that intensive scrolling through the various channels leaves you feeling uncomfortable, such an app can be important for our mental and emotional health.

Maintaining analogous relationships

According to the results of the study, social networking with other people is one of the main motivations for using social media, according to the results of the study #Statusofmind. The longing for human relationships is in our nature, but can never be replaced or satisfied by virtual relationships comprar seguidores instagramLinks to an external site..

By more intensively nurturing interpersonal relationships outside the virtual community, this longing could be satisfied and we might spend less time online.

Replacement activities

Find activities where you're forced to spend less time on social media or even put your smartphone aside. Such as walks where you deliberately leave your smartphone at home seguidores instagram reais, reading a book, or generally sporting activities that take place outdoors.

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